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Objective Of The Governance Working Group

The overall objective of the work of this group is to ensure our regional services are strong and can bring improved outcomes benefiting all members of our communities. This  group is being called the Governance Working Group.

The work of the Group has been and remains guided by the seven sacred teachings of Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility and Truth.

It also has embodied guidance from the elders who at the Chiefs’ Health Summit in 2016 emphasized Mamow (unity) amongst the communities and individuals. Mamow will allow for the Island Lake Anishininew to apply its capabilities and traditions to best serve the members of the communities.

Finally, at one of the early meetings, the Group embraced a guiding principle to consider and recommend approaches to strengthen regional governance that are our own, not just a replicate of other models in other locations. The identity, language, culture, history
and geography of the Anishininew of Island Lake are distinct and its governance should be based on the inherent authority of the membership and its relationship with its traditions.