Garden Hill First Nation

Garden Hill First Nation

The community of Garden Hill is located on the North Shore of Island Lake .Garden Hill First Nation is located 610 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg and 350 air kilometers southeast of Thompson.


Until 1969, Garden Hill, Wasagamack, St. Theresa Point, and Red Sucker Lake all comprised the single Lake First Nation. The First Nation is signatory to the 1909 adhesion to Treaty 5.


The native language is the Island Lake dialect, Oji-Cree.


As of February 2015 Garden Hill First Nations had a registered population of 4,567 with 3918 members living on reserve and 649 members living off reserve. Members elect a chief, vice chief and seven Councillors through a Custom Electoral System

Health Care

The nearest hospital is located in Norway House. There are 4 nurses at the nursing station on-reserve.

Garden Hill Nursing Station
First Nations and Inuit Health Branch
Health Canada
Island Lake, MB
R0B 0T0
Phone: (204) 456-2343
Fax (204) 456-2866

Community Services

On-reserve facilities include an administration office, curling rink, skating rink, community club hall and the schools which include playing fields a gymnasium and an auditorium.


Water Supply
The community obtains water directly from Island Lake which is chlorinated by a small treatment plant and distributed via a standpipe system. There is one house on a well; eight houses have cisterns; 267 houses have water barrels; and 236 houses have no service. The RCMP using a holding tank for drinking water.

Sewage Supply
Pit privies are utilized by all residents. The schools, teacherages, and nursing station utilize a sequencing batch reactor. The RCMP utilizes a septic field.

Garbage Disposal
The community has a landfill site.

Garden Hill is not accessible by all weather road, however, there is a winter road from Bloodvein. The main community road consists of 11.9 kilometers and a secondary road of 9.8 kilometers.

Electrical Service
Service is provided by land line.

Postal Service
Airmail service is provided four times per week.

Police Protection
The First Nation employs two First Nation constables. RCMP on Stevenson Island in Island Lake.

Fire Protection
The First Nation has a fire truck and twelve person volunteer fire department.


The First Nation receives radio from Thompson and Winnipeg. The CBC operates a rebroadcast transmitter for CBC-TV in the community. The First Nation operates a satellite dish. Single telephone party exchange and toll service is available.


There is 3,500 foot gravel airstrip from Stevenson Island a few kilometers away across the lake. The airstrip is serviced by scheduled flights. There are dock facilities for boats and float planes.

Commercial and Business Services

Garden Hill Laundromat
Garden Hill Gas Bar
Perimeter Airlines
Island Lake Lodge
School Bus
Northern Store
Garden Hill Construction Co.
Sportsplex and Arena
Chicken Delight
Ministik Place (store)
Meechim Place Restaurant
Convenience Store2